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03 November 2005

So, why now?

If not now, when?

Typical to start with a question and respond with a question, no?
I’ve been reading blogs for quite some time. Nu, why another one? I’ve learned a thing or two and I’ve picked up some decent suggestions from my browsing. Now I figure, it’s time to jump into the fray. Along the way perhaps I’ll even get some clarity about some of my questions, issues, concerns and ideas. I mean, it’s not like I really have anything else to do.
So, here goes: topics needing resolution.

  • Issue #1: Determine where I stand Jewishly. I’m not fully Conservative and I’m not really Orthodox. I’m kinda Conservadox but what does this mean?
  • Issue #2: Figure out how to have an egalitarian relationship when you realize that you’re bound by an outdated notion of gender roles.
  • Issue #3: Don’t pass on limited gender roles to offspring. OK, minimize passing on those gender roles. Start contributing to offspring’s therapy fund.
  • Issue #4: Break out of being stuck in the land of the shoulds.
  • Issue #5: Come up with a way to be a little less compulsive, somewhat less coveting and a lot less negative.
  • Issue #6: Realize that work-life balance is a myth. Go with it. Accept that fish sticks and mac and cheese are good enough some of the time.
  • Issue #7: Admit that skipping going to the gym or not finishing the entire daily New York Times do not mean I’m a moral failure…at least most of the time. But, not actively improving myself, learning, growing and working on good character traits just might be.
  • Issue #8: Learn how to make the perfect non fat, no foam, extra hot latte at home and save the $2.50. Currently I make my daily Americanos. They’re not as good, but hey, I’m still not forking over cash each day to (insert name of McCoffee chain here). And think what this is doing for my retirement fund.

So there you have it. I've figured out the questions. Now I just need to come up with the answers. Thoughts?


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