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11 July 2006

Perfect Salmon for Shabbat

Apparently my Shabbat menu has become somewhat routine. Perhaps that's because I know I can do it and it turns out well - and on time.
Anyway, I've discovered the key to perfect salmon: a 400F oven and a kitchen timer set for 10 minutes. Granted I like my salmon a little underdone. Maybe 12 mintues would be better for those who like it a little drier. Anyway, 10-12 minutes should do it for a piece about 1" thick. I estimate less than 1/3 lb per person - because there's always loads of other foods on the table.
Make the salmon in advance and serve it at room temperature.
Last Shabbat I also made a "salsa" to serve on the side.
Mince a shallot or two and a clove or two of garlic and sautee in olive oil. Finely chop a bunch of Italian parsley and chop several good-sized tomatoes. Add to the gently browned shallots and garlic. Toss to coat and add in some pitted Kalamata olives and/or some drained capers. A bit of lemon zest and some cracked pepper brightens it up, too. Maybe a splash of white wine if you want. But don't let it get soupy. Also serve room temperature. Voila. Friday night's main course is done in about 15 minutes.


Blogger StepIma said...

sounds yummy - and better yet, easy (famous last words, right?)... adding it to the list of things to try. That pic plus the berries are making me hungry!

Welcome back to blogging!



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